Managing your money


          During your free trial month, I recommend that you bet no money. Just write down my tips in the morning, look up results in the evening, and see how much money you WOULD have won or lost. If youre happy with what you see, you can start with real stakes during month two.


     When betting, your objective should always be to have a set amount of working capital and, by splitting it up into small units for your stakes, to grow your capital over time. That working capital is known as your BETTING BANK.

The best staking plan on the planet?


     With my tips, stakes should be 2% of your bank. I strongly recommend VARIABLE STAKING (also known as a “rolling bank”). It means that, even though your stakes are 2% of your betting bank, those stakes will VARY from day to day. Example ...


     DAY 1: You start with a £2,000 bank, using 2% for your stakes (£40 per horse), but it’s a losing day, reducing your betting bank to £1,920.


     DAY 2: You use 2% of of the new £1,920 bank for your stakes, so stakes are £38.40. You have some good winners, and at close of play your bank is £2,112.


     DAY 3: You use 2% of £2,112 = £42.24 for your stakes.


     You neednt start with a £2,000 bank; you could begin with £500 and build up profits until you have the capital you need.


     Whatever your betting bank balance, your following day’s stakes are 2% of that balance. This strategy ensures that your bank is never in danger during a losing run ... but profits are maximised on winning runs. Given that you should win more than you lose, profits are further enhanced. Finally, you can use 2% of the bank, whereas level stakes would, perhaps, only safely allow 1.8%.